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Where to Enter the Contest:

Information about the process of entering is here, including how to use Dropbox and how to mail your entries on a CD/DVD: See the bottom of this page.

Our PDF entry form is located here PDF ENTRY FORM CLICK HERE (right click on the link, download the form, fill it in, save it with your last name, and include it with your entries)

Our ONLINE entry form is located here
(after you click SUBMIT, we’ll be able to view your entry form):
online entry form 2022

Prizes in the Contest:

 1st Place: $250 cash, a Pennsylvania Magazine, T-shirt and a one-year subscription

2nd Place: $150 cash, a Pennsylvania Magazine T-shirt and a one-year subscription

3rd Place: $75 cash, a Pennsylvania Magazine T-shirt and a one-year subscription

Honorable Mentions: A Pennsylvania Magazine T-shirt and a one-year subscription

Rules of the Contest:

1. Contest is open to amateur photographers only (those who do not earn a majority [over half] of their income as photographers).
2. Enter your electronic files, either online (see the information on our website at pa-mag.com/2022photo) or by sending your image files (in .TIF or .JPG format) on a USB drive, CD-ROM or DVD. Please include description information for each image either on the entry form or as a listing on a separate sheet of paper or as a text file with your entries.
3. Each entrant may submit up to a total of 15 photos in any category combination. Entrants may also include additional images for editorial consideration. There is no fee to enter.
4. Entered photos must have been taken recently (from January 1, 2019, to present) by the entrant of a Pennsylvania locale/subject.
5. A copy (a scanned image or photocopy is acceptable) of a completed and signed entry form must be included with your mail-submitted disk, or indicate your acceptance of the rules of the contest on the fill-in PDF (or online entry form) that you will submit with your entries. Entrant agrees to rules of the contest upon entering images into the contest.
6. Keep a copy of your electronic files since submitted USB drives and CDs/DVDs will not be returned.
7. The publisher will exercise reasonable care with entries but cannot be held liable for loss of any entry.
8. Judging of the images will take place in May 2022. Winners will be notified in June, and a listing of the contest winners will appear on pa-mag.com in early July 2022, as well as in the July/August 2022 issue. Each entrant is limited to one prize per category.
9. At the discretion of the editor, each winning photo will be published in one future issue of the magazine and on the magazine’s website (pa-mag.com) without additional compensation to the entrant. Entrant retains all other rights to the photograph, granting Pennsylvania Magazine one-time use rights for display of the winning photo in the magazine and on its website.
10. Names and hometowns of all winners will be published in one or more issues of the magazine, and announcement materials with this information will be sent to entrants and public media and will be posted on the magazine’s website.
11. Finalist images in the contest will be considered for use (pending approval by the submitting photographer) in a future issue of the magazine. Photographers who agree to use of their nonwinning entries and whose images appear in the magazine will be paid the regular fee for one-time use of an image.
12. Judges’ decisions are final. ■

Pennsylvania Magazine is known for its photography.

FYI: Our annual photo contests are a major source of the images we use throughout the year. The entry forms are online in early January and in the January/February and March/April issues.

If you have images that will wow our readers, we’d love to see them to consider them for the magazine.

We pay from $200 for a wrap-around cover and up to $85 for images inside the magazine. You also receive credit and copies of the issue.

Four reasons we use to choose a photo for the magazine (after choosing a theme or season for a particular issue):

1. Has a wow factor (appreciation of the photographer’s skill, luck or viewpoint). This is an image that you’d feel compelled to share with someone else in the same room, interrupting them if needed: “hey, look at this!”

2. Connects with a reader’s experience, history, memory or location.

3. Tells a story (this could be the photo itself or the story around how the image was taken (situation) or both.

4. Has a geographic reach for readers of the magazine (one image may be chosen over another because it’s in a county or area that hasn’t received coverage lately.

If you have images like this (for cover, editor’s choice or photo essay consideration), we’d love to consider them.

We can look at a portfolio of images collected around a theme or individual images.

Share 20 or fewer to get started. Use Dropbox (share with edito[email protected]) or send a CD or use another cloud sharing service.

Share or send HIGH RESOLUTION images. We rarely use images taken with a cell phone. See the photo details following most captions to see the types of cameras and lenses that are used to capture the images that we use.

We don’t require any specific equipment, but if you’re going to take great shots of wildlife, you’re going to find that without investing in your own expensive lens (or using one by renting or borrowing someone else’s), your results will be disappointing. AND, always, be respectful of wildlife. Your photography actions should never cause an animal to alter their activity due to your presence.

If you have more questions, feel free to write ([email protected]) or call 717-697-4660.


RIGHTS INFO: We typically purchase ONE TIME USE rights. So, you are welcome to submit your image to other publications after it appears on our pages.

MODIFICATION / ALTERATION POLICY: If you’ve significantly altered an image, please let us know. We don’t want to publish an image that is not “how things actually appear” and then have a reader write to let us know the “real view.” If you’ve simply removed a few branches or wires, fine. But, if you’ve removed a building or flipped the image, we’d need to know. In those cases, please include the original capture with your submission.