Did ’ja Know  |  November/December 2022

Here is the key to the clues given for each of the 13 towns/cities for that issue.

Note that some of the keys to the clues contain the town/city names.
See the magazine for the answers for each item.

1 ______________________________

John would help you across the river for a small fee. John Harris (founder of the city) 

Use an “a” in a descriptive word to indicate the city;
use an “o” to designate the building. Capital / capitol.

In one place in the city, they pass laws.
In another place, they hit balls. Capitol / stadium on City Island.

2 ______________________________

The term “horsepower” is taken literally in its countryside. Horsepower used by the Amish

There’s a ballpark in the middle of the city. Home of a minor league baseball team, Barnstormers.

It once served as the capital of the country and the state but at different times. Country for a day on September 27, 1777; capital of Pennsylvania 1799 to 1812

3 ______________________________

It was named after a Philadelphia Quaker woman. Mary Wells.

Main street lights are always shining. Gas street lights that line the boulevard.

Nearby is a natural feature whose namesake in another state is much better known. Pennsylvania Grand Canyon in Leonard Harrison State Park

4 ______________________________

Even on warm days, you think of a holiday. Named for city in present day Palestine.

Three race car drivers are associated with the city. Michael Andretti, John Andretti and Jeff Andretti

A steel-making company was headquartered here. Bethlehem Steel

5 ______________________________

A famous speech was given here. Gettysburg Address

Opposing groups came from the “wrong” directions. The Confederates arrived from the north, and the Union army came from the south. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Gettysburg#/media/File:Gettysburg_Campaign.png

A U.S. president used to live on a farm here. President Dwight Eisenhower had a farm at Gettysburg.

6 ______________________________

It is home to a popular state park with the same name. Ohiopyle State Park

A river runs through it, sometimes with whitewater rafters. Youghiogheny River.

A famous home is nearby. Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright

7 ______________________________

It is surrounded by its namesake. York County

For some, its fame rests on two wheels. Harley Davidson has an assembly plant here

Its English namesake was involved with a “Flower War.” Wars of the Roses were between the Houses of Lancaster and York in England. The wars were named years later after the badges worn by their opposing sides: York, white rose; Lancaster, red rose.

8 ______________________________

A musical instrument was cracked here. Liberty Bell

Its namesake goes well on a bagel. Philadelphia Cream Cheese, not made in Philadelphia.

This place’s name bespeaks love. Greek for “brotherly love,” named by William Penn

9 ______________________________

It was once a prime destination for outlets. Especially the VF Outlet Center, which opened in 1970, a time when the clothes were still manufactured in the same building as the outlet.

Mispronounce it, and it becomes one of the “three R’s.” Reading, writing and arithmatic

A curiosity sits on a hill. The Pagoda on Mount Penn


Foreigners are found over the horizon. Canada is on the other side of the Great Lake

A ship named for a river is found there. Tallship USS Niagara

One of its sites is the busiest of its kind, but it’s almost an island. Presque Isle and Presque Isle State Park

11 _____________________________

It is named for a valuable liquid resource. Oil

Part of its name is in a nearby park. Oil Creek State Park

A county to the east is named for a gathering of trees. Forest County

12 _____________________________

This community attracts thousands in the fall. To Penn State University football games at Beaver Stadium

Go there to earn what you get for nothing on a thermometer. A degree

It is home to a famous ice cream school. Ice Cream Short Course

13 _____________________________

It was six times able to “steel” the prize. NFL Steelers football team

Fans root for a flightless bird. NHL Penguin ice hockey team

You’re inclined to view many bridges. 442 of them to be exact.