Migrating Duck Update

I have posted a few pictures of the flocks of ducks now visiting the area of the channel of Presque Isle.

I was out to the South Pier and in a two hour span I saw 2 Bald eagles a Red Tail Hawk and several new species of ducks, I now can say there are Canvasback, Redhead, Greater and Lesser Scaup, Goldeneye, Red Breasted, Common, and Hooded Merganser, White Winged Scoter, Long Tail Ducks, Northern Pintail, North Shoveler, Coot, Wood Duck, Ruddy Duck, Mallard, Ring Bill Duck, American Widgon, Bufflehead, but the Ice is starting to break up starting at the inside of the channel so these birds will have more water to set and hunt in.

South side is probably a better looking side to observe them.

-Jimmy Marz, Erie