In the March/April 2009 issue

Plenty of wildlife topics in this spring issue: photos, bear tagging, stream clean up, photographing ducks. Lots to do, too: the newly restored Memorial Hall in Philadelphia, the Omni Bedford Resort, and the amazing Jay Bee Circus in Butler County.


Shooting Ducks
A wide variety of ducks live in and migrate through Pennsylvania. Learn techniques and tips for taking excellent photos this spring. by wayne miller

Child’s Play
Philadelphia’s Please Touch Museum, a family playland, recently moved into Memorial Hall by jim mcclelland

Bedford Springs
Historic resort reopens as a world-class luxury destination by larry g. mckee

Back at You!
No matter how we try to blend in, our state’s wild residents almost always see us before we see them.

Round Up:

Jay Bee Circus, Festival of the Birds (Presque Isle), Sherman Theater, Hickory Run State Park, Chester County Hall of Heroes, tagging black bears, and restoring mine-drainage damaged streams

Bed & Breakfast:
Lawrence County
Book Reviews:
Spring Events Calendar :
March through mid-May
Town & Country Stories: The Geologist on the Strip
Although he dreams of his native Albania every night, Koko Prifanti has found a home in Pittsburgh, next to the cheese and olives by bette mcdevitt

Did ’ja Know? : Our Native Residents
Who were they and where did they go? This may be the easiest or the most difficult quiz in “Did ’ja Know” history—you be the judge  by publisher al holliday