Here are some links to CCC history and information available online.

This page is to supplement the article about the CCC and Pennsylvania state parks that appears in the January/February 2021 issue.

A lot of history can be found in the links below.

The CIVILIAN CONSERVATION CORPS, 1933-1942, A New Deal Case Study by John A. Salmond, on National Park Service website

Blog of Gettysburg NPS:
Fighting Today for a Better Tomorrow: The Civilian Conservation Corps at Gettysburg

Online FLICKR photo database

DCNR CCC Story Map

Pennsylvania Conservation Heritage Project

CCC Legacy, Pennsylvania Listings

CCC Dam Under Construction at Moshannon State Forest (Parker Dam State Park) YouTube video

DCNR State Park CCC history

The CCC Boys of the Pennsylvania Wilds

History of state parks in the article:

Promised Land State Park
Parker Dam State Park
Laurel Hill State Park
Kooser State Park

CCC links on site