Information to Enter the 2021 Photo Contest

Deadline for Entry:

April 15, 2021 (postmark deadline for mailed entries)

The Categories:

Send an email to the editor if you’d like more information / have a question about any of these categories.

  • Black and White 
  • Wildlife (animals, plants and other items of the natural world)
  • Scenics Views and Vistas

We want you to be able to enter the contest with a minimum of hassle or confusion.

If you need help, don’t hesitate the call the editor at 717-697-4660 or email to

Rule and Prize Information

Click here.

How to Enter the Contest:

Two things are needed for a complete entry:

  1. Your contest entry form (information about you and your images)
  2. Your entries (images)


  1. Enter with an electronic entry form (this year, you can save your entered data and return to the form later before submitting it). Uploading your images before completing this form is recommended.
  2. OR, download a 2021 PDF entry form. Click on the link, then right click, choosing SAVE AS. . . Save it to your computer, then complete it, and include the completed (and saved) PDF with your entry upload to Dropbox or another upload service. Or, save it as a file or print it out and include it with your CD or DVD. 

Submitting your ENTRIES online: 

If you already have a Dropbox account (or another cloud-based file-sharing service):

  1. Go to, click on SHARING, and then create a folder with your name and year (such as BobSmith21) and share it with (If using a service other than Dropbox, do whatever is similar.)
  2. Upload (copy into the shared folder) your entry photos.
  3. Complete this online form. or download, complete and include a copy of the 2021 PDF entry form.
  4. We will send an email to you when we have logged receipt of your images and entry form. (This can take a week or two.)

If you don’t have a Dropbox account and don’t want one. . . you can still submit your entries with a Dropbox file request:

  • Send an email to and put “need folder for photo contest” in the subject line. We will create a “request for files link” via Dropbox. You’ll receive an email with a link. Use this link to go to a web page where you can upload your images to Dropbox via dragging and dropping (without installing anything on your computer). Note that you won’t be able to see the files in the folder after you upload them. Within a week or so (after uploading your files), you’ll receive a confirmation email from

Mailing your photos on a USB drive or CD/DVD 

  • If the online uploading process doesn’t work for you, you can submit your entries on a USB jump drive or a CD/DVD.
  • Use the 2021 PDF photo contest entry form: 2021 PDF entry form. Complete the form and place it as a file on the USB jump drive or CD/DVD or include the entry form as a printout.
  • Or use the online entry form and indicare that you’re mailing your entries.
  • MAIL YOUR ENTRY by United States Postal Service (regular, First Class Mail or Priority Mail) to:
    Photo Contest 2021
    Pennsylvania Magazine 
    PO Box 755
    Camp Hill, PA 17001-0755